Stoli's Pedigree

BIS CH. Valentine's Chardonet Tankard

WS06093705 (05-07) OFA27G OFEL27 RD BLK MSK AKC DNA #V436680

Bully Boy's O-Tay Spanky

WS01092001 (02-04) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V339537

CH. Leatherneck Spanky McFarland

WP65916604 (10-98) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #P8027

CH. Leatherneck Buffalobull Codi

CH. Leathernecks Springmill Anna

CH. Bully Boy's Bionic Woman

WP91617901 (03-02) OFA24F OFEL24 FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V202223

CH. Aamodt's Spartacus

CH. Bully Boy's Nor'Easter

Valentine's Bullyboy's Emerson

WR04877801 (02-04) RD FN BLK MSK

CH. Bully Boy's Ode To Lockerbie

WP67248401 (09-99) OFA31G RD AKC DNA #V36469

AM/CAN CH. Briart's Solar Power, OFA

CH. Allstar's Divine Ms. M

Hainlands Comet of Valentine

WP78579001 (05-01) RD BLK MSK

CH. Guardman's Spencer For Hire, OFA

CH. Hainland's Lookout Indiana, OFA

CH. Newcastle's Simply Adorabull

WS 10819904 (08-08) CERF39 RD FN BLK MSK

CH. Tondra's Here's the Beef

WP78144301 (01-99) FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #V29022

CH. Mikell Ranah's Of Leatherneck

WP57226311 (04-96) OFA24F OFEL24 FN BLK MSK AKC DNA #P8030

CH. Ladybug Handsome Sampson CDX

CH. Leathernecks Golly Miss Molly

CH. Tondra's Northern Exposure

WP59110201 (08-97) FN BLK MSK

CH. Blossom's Bullwinkle

CH. Shady Oaks Cassie CDX, TD

CH. Blazin's Princess Borghese

WP80859102 (09-02) RD FN BLK MSK

CH. Blazin's The Buck Starts Here

WP53181401 (07-96) FN BRDL BLK MSK AKC DNA #V55227

CH. Blazin's Valhalla ROM, CD

CH. Blazin's Destined To Be Mine

CH. Blazin's Dream Lover

WP64732704 (01-99) RD BLK MSK

CH. Ladybug Essex At Shastid

CH. Blazin's Princess Taj

Tilly/Kegger puppies (Week 2)

Tilly/kegger puppies (Week 3)

Tilly/kegger puppies (week 4)

Tilly/Kegger puppies (week 5)

Tilly/kegger puppies (week 6)

Tiily/kegger puppies (week 7)